About GreenSeven...
GreenSeven was birthed from a simple idea of assisting the legal cannabis industry with its cash burdened element. From an episode hosted by Dr. Sanjay-Gupta, GreenSeven's purpose was developed to eliminate the need for any cash on hand for not just the cannabis industry but those requiring cannabis as a means of obtaining necessary prescriptions for life-saving ailments.The public's perception has changed drastically from the days when Harry Anslinger,  former commissioner of the Federal Bureau of Narcotics, 1930, played on America's fear of crime committed by people of color and immigrants who grew the plant. He argued that marijuana was a drug pushed onto the impressionable White American youth by both Mexican immigrants and African Americans, ideology designed to cause a breakdown and separation of the masses.
Since then, leaps and bounds occurred throughout history, changing the course of the relationship America has with the marijuana plant. Vast developments in the way of medical advancements have occurred as well as ideas of how our economy can be rebound from the many uses of this plant.  Communities and cultures have blended and come together as one, as Americans should, to unite and create a better future, with the many uses from one plant. 

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Who We Are...

We are a small group with a big idea.  We are located right outside of our nation's capital, Washington D.C., that aim to make positive society changes using cannabis and hemp. If you'd like to know us personally, send us a message....

 What We Do...


GreenSeven is developing an app to aid the legal cannabis industries with its cash heavy banking issues. We also plan to create a hemp market in to create jobs, taxable income, and a new textiles market that aids lower income families and families who have been negatively affected by the negative stigma of cannabis. We're planning on changing lives making a negative into a positive

2017 Goals...
  • Get the app into production
  • Turn revenues into community change
  • Create a Hemp textiles market
  • Establish the  alternative for banking legal cannabis revenue
  • Create other growth strategies to boost community growth through cannabis!
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